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Are you Financially Literate and Responsible? 

Are You Protecting Yourself and Your Family? 

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  • Do you know your current FICO score?
  • (Yes)     (No)
  • If you know your FICO score, do you have a 740 score or above?
  • (Yes)     (No)
  • Do you have an updated Will, Living Trust, Medical, or Financial Power of Attorney?
  • (Yes)     (No)
  • Do your loved ones know how to access your insurance policies, bank and investment accounts, or have passwords to your secure devices with information to carry on if something happens to you unexpectedly?      (Yes)     (No)
  • Do you have identity theft protection to monitor your Social Security Number and identity?
  • (Yes)     (No)

  • If you have an identity theft protection plan in force, does it actually RESTORE your identity after fraud occurs to you, your spouse or children up to age 26 by contacting the federal trade commission, law enforcement agencies, IRS, social security administration, departments of motor vehicles across all states, medical insurers, creditors and reporting bureaus, employers and others on your behalf to restore you and your family's good name and saving you 600 hours of work filing reports, calling people and following up?   (Yes)      (No)

    • Are you completely debt free now or do you know exactly what month and year you will be completely debt free?
    • (Yes)      (No)
    • Have you or an immediate family member ever had a traffic ticket, been treated unfairly by anyone, been in an accident or been summoned to court for a civil matter?    (Yes)     (No)
    • Would you like consulting on supplemental pre-tax contributions for benefits like health, disability, vision, dental, life, long term care or other insurance products, annuities, pensions, or services for your home or employment that can enhance your quality of life and save you and your employer money?       (Yes)     (No)
    • If you knew of an inexpensive way to financially protect yourself and family, would you be interested in learning more about it?            (Yes)     (No)

    • Would you like more information from Raj about protecting your retirement income for you or your family members especially if are disabled or can't work and set aside as much income as you planned? (Yes)   (No)