Been Turned Down For Credit?

  •  If you have been turned down for any credit application - follow these steps to fix it and reapply in as short a time as possible
  1. Find the reference number on the denial letter you received.
  2. Go to the appropriate site to enter specific comments and explanations under the credit repository dispute function:
    1. Experian Disputes
    2. Equifax Disputes
    3. Transunion Disputes
  • Follow the tips provided by credit repair services as to how disputes should be worded with specific phrases ending in "IAW FCRA please remove."
  • Go back to your potential lender web site or call them to re-evaluate your application with the recent updates that you have updated.
  • Consider using some collateral as a security interest for the lender that has trouble approving your application for unsecured credit, by going through a credit union after depositing funds in any kind of account (checking, savings, retirement).
  • Consider borrowing against any cash values built up in insurance policies, or your home's equity.
  • For home improvement specialty lenders try these sources as well as your own - (note if you have modified a mortgage loan it is considered almost the same as a foreclosure to all lenders and you will not likely be approved without explanations on your credit reports and a period of at least 1 to 2 years has passed with re-established credit history of paying on time):
    1. Home Depot
    2. Mariner Finance
    3. Capital One Home Equity
    4. Navy Federal Credit Union Personal Loans